Cycle Saloon incorporated is a not-for-profit, shared, bicycle recycling workshop located in Pipemaker’s Park on the Maribyrnong River.  We provide public access to quality bike tools for anyone to use to repair their own bicycle(s).  There are also second hand bikes and components available.  Our aim is to repair bikes that are otherwise destined for the scrap heap and to put them back into use.

HOURS      Wednesday through Sunday 9am – 5pm

LOCATION      North end of Pipemaker’s Park, Maribyrnong, just past the big bluestone building. Google maps link here  (if this link doesn’t work then just search ‘cycle saloon’ in Google maps).

EMAIL      cyclesaloonau@gmail.com

PHONE     0466 956 228 (during opening hours only)

HOW IT WORKS      If you’d like to use the workshop then just sign the guest book or sign on as a member and start using the tools (responsibly).  There are many second-hand parts to work with as well as a few new parts such as spokes, cables and brake pads.  At Cycle Saloon you must do the repairs yourself. This not only includes the physical aspect of working on the bike but also the mental aspects such as troubleshooting, problem-solving and finding the right tools and parts. Patience and independent problem solving are essential.

GETTING STARTED      Cycle Saloon is an open workshop for anyone to use to repair bikes.  There are people with varying levels of experience that use the workshop.  If you have little or no experience fixing bicycles but would like to learn then there are several options:

  • watch experienced mechanics repair bikes and learn by observation – most are happy to explain what they’re doing
  • become an associate member of Cycle Saloon and attend the free Sunday workshops
  • study the bicycle repair books in our library
  • pay for a one-on-one training course to have an experienced mechanic guide you through a repair

BIKES AND COMPONENTS FOR SALE      To get an idea of Cycle Saloon’s inventory, please check out photos of bikes, bike parts and tools on Instagram here.  For serviced bikes currently for sale please check our Gumtree ads here.